Future Dye
A sustainable colour revolution.

According to the World Bank; nearly
20 % of all water pollution worldwide is
related to the process of dyeing textiles.
To be future proof and ever-improving our
sustainability, we need to do our part. So we
started with a sustainable colour revolution;
choosing the Solution Dye process over traditional
dying methods. We call it Future Dye.

Less water, fewer chemicals.
Compared to traditional dying methods,
the solution dye process;
• Consumes up to 85–95% less water
during the dying process
• 90% less chemical consumption
• Up to 30–40% less energy is consumed
in the process
• CO2 emissions are reduced by 30 %

So, how does the Solution Dye
process work?
With traditional methods, colour is on the
surface of the yarn. Solution dye evenly mixes
the colour within. The process goes a little
something like this;
1. Colour pigments are mixed directly together
with a raw recycled polyester
base (we like to re-use our existing resources)
or, virgin polyester base.
2. The mix is ​​heated and the colour is evenly
distributed, fabric fibres are then extruded
and spun into yarn.
3. Fabric is woven from the yarn.
4. Future Proof jackets are made.
5. You stay warm & awesome.

Fade proof, future proof.
Because the colour is mixed within the
fabric fibres, constant colour can be achieved
— season after season, batch after batch.

It also doesn't fade or bleed like traditional
dying methods and can withstand
rough urban climates, washing machines and
Future Dye. It's one part of how we design
future proof clothing. High quality and timeless
designs that will last you season after season.


Compared to traditional methods, the
Solution dye process consumes up to 85 %
less water (up to 95% for dyeing in general)
• Fewer chemicals up to -67 %
• Less energy -39%
• Low CO2 emissions -60%
• Brilliant color fastness.

Our Light Stretch is dyed in a Solution-
Dye process that consumes up less water,
fewer chemicals, less energy and has lower
CO2 emissions. It is made in recycled polyester
and has been bonded with a wind- and
waterproof, recycled membrane giving it a
water column of 10 000 mm. The surface
has been treated with Bionic Finish® Eco,
an environmentally friendly water repellent
Feel: Soft, stretchy and deep matte
Composition: 100% recycled polyester
Construction: Plain
Impregnation: Rudolf Eco Bionic
Water column: 10 000 mm (recycled
Breathability: 10 000 mvp
Dyeing technique: Solution Dye

All recycled.

The fluorine-free water repellent
When we at ELVINE use a repellent
treatment on our garments, we always
use Bionic-Finish® Eco. Bionic-Finish® Eco
from Rudolf Group is a unique, patented water
repellent, oil repellent and soil repellent finish
for textiles that do not use any harmful
fluorine compounds.

Light, soft, puffy, warm: Ecodown®
Fibers are the soul of your jacket.
Ecodown® Fibers are setting a new
standard in their category and are designed
to provide superior loft, warmth and recovery,
thanks to the unique multi-shape structure.
And of course, they are animal free and also
feature 100% recycled fibers.
Durability is paramount at ELVINE
and Ecodown® Fibers are the only free
fiber product that does not clump or create
cold spots after washing. And unlike most
competitors, Ecodown® Fibers also protect
the environment by avoiding the
use of microfibers which eventually pollute
our lakes and oceans and potentially contaminate
the food we eat


August- black

Waterproof fabric: 10 000 mm water column
Quality: Stretch

Wool - moss

Jacket for heavy winter
Waterproof fabric: 10 000 mm water column
Quality: Stretch

Wool - black

Jacket for heavy winter
Waterproof fabric: 10 000 mm water column
Quality: Stretch
Jochen Wermescher